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Equipment: Selling equipment №42785

April 3, 2021, 5:46 p.m. Views: 15

City: Kirov, Kirov region, Russia

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Equipment name: Mod pelletizing production line. PLG 1000 (full cycle)

Price in rubles: 15,171,700

Mod pelletizing production line. PLG 1000 is designed for the production of fuel wood pellets (pellets).

The main raw material for the production of pellets is wood waste, prepared in a special way with precise observance of the correct technological process. Pellets are cylindrical pellets of standard sizes (diameter and length) and are formed without the use of additional chemical additives. The production of fuel wood pellets is carried out on special equipment - a granulator (pelletizer). When creating pellets, a natural binding element - lignin-is involved, which activates its properties at the time of pressing under the influence of high temperatures.

The correct technological process includes several stages of production, each of which has a specific set of machines:

Stage 1-crushing of lump wood waste. In this area, chopping machines, hammer crushers, conveyors and hoppers for receiving raw materials are used. The main task of this stage is to grind the lump wood to the state of chips, thereby preparing it for the next stage of production.

Stage 2 - drying of raw materials. At this stage, drying units, conveyors and precipitation cyclones are used. The main task of this stage is to reduce humidity and prepare raw materials for processing at the following production sites.

Stage 3-additional grinding of raw materials. In this area, hammer crushers, conveyors, precipitation cyclones and storage bins for dry raw materials are used. The task of this stage is the final preparation of raw materials for granulation in compliance with all the requirements for the source material.

Stage 4-granulation. This stage is the main one and plays a big role in the production process. In the granulation area, a granulator, mixer, dispenser, hopper-agitator and conveyors are used. The operator of the pellet press must be a trained employee who has a special education and experience in organizing pellet production.

Stage 5-cooling and packing of finished pellets. At this site, a pellet cooling column, a sieving table, a system for aspiration and return of ungranulated material, conveyors and weighing and filling equipment are used. The task of this stage is to obtain high-quality pellets, cooled to the required temperature, sort the required size and quality of the pellets by density, as well as packaging or packaging in the necessary containers. Basically, pellets are packed in large (500 - 1000 kg.) or small bags (10 - 30 kg.).

Requirements for the raw material for granulation:

1) Raw materials for the production of fuel wood pellets (pellets) it is wood sawdust, with a fraction of up to 3 x 3 mm.

2) The moisture content of the sawdust should be within 8-15 %. The exact moisture content is selected experimentally and depends on the uniformity of the raw material, the place of growth and age of the wood, as well as the parameters of the matrix of the press granulator.

3) The material for granulating should not contain foreign impurities in the form of metal, stones, sand, paint, etc., and should not be dry, rotten or over-dried.

Several advantages of pellets:

The high density and low humidity of pellets allows you to get a large amount of thermal energy during combustion with low ash formation.
Thanks to the high and constant density of the pellets, they are easy to store and transport over long distances.
Pellets are an environmentally friendly fuel, since no additional chemical impurities are used in their production.
Useful to know:

The quality and type of pellets depend on the raw material itself and compliance with the production technology. Wood pellets with a high content of bark have a dark color, and pellets made of pure wood - light. During the drying process, the raw material may burn, and then the color of the pellet will also be darker. But, as a rule, this does not affect the consumer qualities of pellets, since the calorific value, ash content and strength remain at the same level.

Sales of fuel wood pellets (pellets):

The demand for pellets is constantly growing in proportion to the prices of traditional fuels, such as firewood, gas, oil, and electricity. In addition to the use of pellets for their intended purpose, they are also used as a filler for the toilets of pets, due to their ability to hygroscopicity and good retention of odors.

The Russian market for the production of fuel wood pellets (pellets) demonstrates a stable growth in production and export volumes. This trend continues despite the crisis in the economy and warm winters due to long-term contracts and the urgent need to ensure modern methods of wood waste disposal. Domestic manufacturers actively receive certificates of the European standard for their products and enter the world markets due to the difference in exchange rates and competition.

Our specialists are ready to provide you with more detailed information on pellet production and prepare a project for free, based on their needs and tasks of your company. The project is an individually selected set of machines in the equipment line and a plan-diagram of their location in your production room. If the premises for the location of the pellet equipment are only planned for construction, then we will provide recommendations for construction or select a specialized construction company for you. The experience gained over the years of cooperation and established partnerships with transport companies allow us to provide optimally profitable and fast delivery and unloading of equipment to the desired destination, and with leasing companies - to choose a program of financing and lending on a trust basis: profitable and individual. And a staff of trained specialists who have extensive experience in organizing pellet production will perform commissioning, installation supervision or a master class on putting the equipment into production until the first batch of finished products is received in the required time in compliance with the terms of the Contract. The company's own fleet of machine tools and warehouse space allow us to supply the existing pellet production facilities with the necessary stock of components and consumables in a timely manner.


Capacity up to 1000 kg / hour
Required area for accommodation up to 600 m2
Total power consumption up to 351 kW 380 V
Raw materials for processing wood, wood waste, sawmill waste
The maximum size of the raw material is 400 x 200 mm.
Maximum raw material humidity up to 60%
Requirements for the fraction of raw materials for granulation up to 3 x 3 mm.
Requirements for the moisture content of raw materials for granulation from 8 to 15 % (selected for the feedstock)
The diameter of the granules is from 4 to 8 mm. (depends on the installed matrix)
Number of service personnel 3-5 people
Overall dimensions 25 x 10 x 6 m.

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