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Equipment: Selling equipment №42804

April 3, 2021, 6:45 p.m. Views: 25

City: Kirov, Kirov region, Russia

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Type: Other

Equipment name: Pellet cooling column mod. KO 500

Price in rubles: 305,000

Pellet cooling column mod. CO-designed for cooling pellets and separating the ungranulated part of the raw material. The main working elements are: a loading neck with a sluice gate, a cooling chamber with a fan and a wind tunnel, a lattice sieving table with a shaking mechanism, an unloading neck for returning the ungranulated part and an unloading neck for finished products. The principle of operation is as follows: hot pellets are fed by a conveyor to the upper loading neck and enter the cooling chamber, in which they are blown by a stream of cold air, then the already cooled pellets enter the sieving table and follow down along the perforated sheet, as a result of which the already high-quality and cooled pellets are fed through the discharge neck to the conveyor for packaging, and the ungranulated part of the raw material is returned for re-pressing. Pellets that go through the "Cooling and Sieving" stage become harder and denser, acquire a shiny and light edge, and lose excess moisture. This cooling column, as a rule, is used as part of the technological chains of equipment lines for the production of fuel wood pellets (pellets), as well as feed pellets (mixed feed).

The pellet cooling column can additionally be equipped with feed and discharge conveyors, a push-button post and an aspiration system with automatic return of ungranulated raw materials to the granulator feed system.


The temperature of the pellets at the inlet is 70-90 degrees
The temperature of the pellets at the outlet is 20-30 degrees
Capacity up to 800 kg / hour
Total power consumption 6.62 kW 380 V
Method of cooling pellets cold air counter direction
Number of fans 1 pc.
Fan motor power 5.5 kw 380 V
Granule sifting method shaking mechanism of the grating table
Shaking mechanism drive power 0.37 kW 380 V
Loading method through the loading neck using a conveyor
Lock gate drive power (loading of raw materials) 0.75 kW 380 V
Method of unloading through the discharge neck to the conveyor
Volume of the cooling chamber (hopper) 0,6 m3
Working volume of the cooling chamber (hopper) 0.5 m3
The angle of the sieving table is 9 degrees
Dimensions 2350 x 4360 x 4060 mm.
Weight 330 kg.

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