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Equipment: Selling equipment №43008

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City: Kirov, Kirov region, Russia. (also in regions of Russia (

The Republic Of North Ossetia
The Republic Of Ingushetia
The Republic Of Dagestan

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Type: Equipment for wood wastes processing

Equipment name: Mod briquetting production line. PLB 500 (full cycle)

Price in rubles: 3,661,600

Mod pelletizing production line. PLB 500 is designed for the production of fuel wood briquettes of the European standard "Pini kay".

The main raw material for the production of briquettes is wood waste, prepared in a special way with precise compliance with the technological process. Briquettes of the European standard "Pini kay" are very similar to firewood, they are oblong, in the form of a straight polyhedral prism. Production is carried out on special equipment - a press for briquettes with a firing element. When creating briquettes, a natural binding element - lignin-is involved, which activates its properties at the time of pressing, under the influence of high temperature.

The correct technological process includes several stages of production, each of which has a specific set of machines:

Stage 1-crushing of lump wood waste. In this area, chopping machines, hammer crushers, conveyors and hoppers for receiving raw materials are used. The main task of this stage is to grind the lump wood to the state of chips, thereby preparing it for the next stage of production.

Stage 2 - drying of raw materials. At this stage, drying units, conveyors and precipitation cyclones are used. The main task of this stage is to reduce humidity and prepare raw materials for processing at the following production sites.

Stage 3-additional grinding and preparation of raw materials. In this area, hammer crushers, conveyors, precipitation cyclones and storage bins for dry raw materials are used. The task of this stage is the final preparation of raw materials for briquetting in compliance with all the requirements for the source material.

Stage 4-briquetting and faceting. This stage is the main one and plays a big role in the production process. At the briquetting site, a briquette press, a mixer, a dispenser and a miter unit are used. The operator of the press and miter plant must be a trained employee who has a special education and experience in organizing briquette production.

Requirements for the source material for briquetting:

1) The raw material for the production of briquettes is sawdust, with a fraction of up to 5 x 5 mm.

2) The moisture content of the sawdust should be within 6-10 %. The exact humidity is selected experimentally and depends on the parameters of the raw material: wood species and uniformity, the place of growth and age of the wood, etc.

3) The briquetting material must not contain foreign impurities in the form of metal, stones, sand, paint, etc., and must not be dry, rotten or over-dried.

Technical specifications:

Capacity up to 500 kg / hour
Required area for accommodation up to 120 m2
Total power consumption up to 124 kW 380 V
Raw materials for processing wood, wood waste, sawmill waste
The maximum size of the raw material is up to 170 x 170 mm.
The maximum humidity of the raw material is up to 60%
Requirements for the fraction of raw materials for briquetting up to 5 x 5 mm.
Requirements for the moisture content of raw materials for briquetting from 6 to 10 % (selected for the feedstock)
The diameter of the briquette is 68.5 mm.
Number of service personnel 1-3 people
Overall dimensions 14 x 7 x 6 m.

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