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Business: Business for sale №44097

Jan. 10, 2023, 10:44 a.m.Views: 1696

City: Velsk, Arkhangelsk region, Russia

Organization name: show name and reputation

Type of business: Woodworking

Price: 162,269.70 $

We can produce glued up to 150 m3 and mouldings up to 500 m3. It is possible to increase the volume. It is currently working.
Warehouse, box S=1200m2
Building No. 1 S=800m2 Heated and water supply . Workshops of glued products(furniture board, ladder elements, glued beams), turning products(balusters, poles), drying chambers of 50 m3 of single loading, grinding area.
Building No. 2 S=450m2 Heated and water supply . Shop of Mouldings(Imitation of a beam, lining, floor board and.....), production of spliced lamellas.
Building No. 3 S=70m2 Boiler room
Building No. 4 S=150m2 Office, household premises. Heated , sewerage and water supply.
Warehouse, box S=1200m2
Compressor Grinding Crane cantilever with a hoist Workbenches 3 pcs Hydraulic Press Pit inspection Welding equipment MMA 500 Hydraulic Drilling rig
Building No. 1 S=800m2.
Vertical format-cutting machine HOLZ-HER (WEINIG) Germany Calibration-grinding double-sided two-unit SCM 1300 Italy Four-sided planer-cutting machine WINNER BL 6 23 Taiwan Rotary hydraulic three-section press for gluing furniture boards RUSSIA Pneumatic press for gluing furniture boards and beams RUSSIA Miter MAGGi BEST 1250 Italy Gluing on lamellas OSAMA 250 Italy Automatic turning KTF 7M RUSSIA Turning JET Switzerland-Taiwan Compressor To-33 Receiver 1500L Dust collecting Dust collecting Central aspiration system with return of warm AIR to the shop Hydraulic stacker Hydraulic dumper
Sharpening VZ for milling cutters, knives, circular saws, planer heads Sharpening JF-200 milling cutters, knives, circular saws, planer heads Sharpening circular saws PILANA Sharpening band saws OWM Adjustable band saws Sharpening and grinding Drilling Pumping Station MARINA
Building No. 2 S=450m2
Four-sided Planing machine WINNER BL 6 23 Taiwan Splicing Line Taiwan Miter Miter Compressor Receiver
Building No. 3 S=70m2 Boiler room
Boiler IZH-KV 2 pcs.

Band sawmills 3 pcs.
Edging machine

Sincerely, Dmitry Sergeevich Shashkov

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