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Charcoal: Selling charcoal №46299

May 2, 2022, 10:06 p.m. Views: 27

City: Vologda, Vologda region, Russia

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Wood species: Deciduous:birch

Price per kg: 0.47 €

I present to your attention the best birch charcoal.
What is birch coal and what is the difference between our coal and competitors?
Where it is used:
Metallurgical industry, in the production of crystal , paintwork, for the production of carbon fiber, for sorbent forming mixtures, electric coal industry, pharmaceuticals, for the manufacture of food on the grill, for room heating
Charcoal is a microporous high-carbon product formed during pyrolysis of wood without air access. Coal burns at temperatures exceeding 1100 °C[1]. The finished coal consists mainly of carbon. The advantage of using charcoal instead of conventional wood burning is the absence of water and other components. This allows charcoal to burn at higher temperatures and emit very little smoke (ordinary wood emits a large amount of steam, organic volatiles and unburned carbon particles).
We do not burn coal at high temperatures in order to get the finished product faster, as competitors do.We tenderly approach the matter and monitor the processes of obtaining the finished product with high quality. Due to this, we make the coal languish in the furnaces, if the temperature is 600-700 ° C, then the cycle takes 8 hours, if 300-400 ° C, then 12 hours, depends on the heat capacity of the furnace. At the output, we get pure coal in which there are no excess impurities, moisture and a low smoldering index, heat resistance remains at a height!

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