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Equipment: Press granulator FEROTEK 480 (Analog Munch) №48402

June 26, 2023, 12:47 p.m.Views: 230

City: Moscow, Russia

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Type: Equipment for wood wastes processing

Equipment name: Press granulator FEROTEK 480 (Analog Munch)

Price: 38,992.04 $

Good afternoon. Our company is a Russian manufacturer of equipment for granulating various biomass.

Advantages of our press granulator:

1. The torque is transmitted by a single-stage belt drive (10 belts), thereby eliminating numerous unreliable gearbox parts from the design.

2. Upgraded large (driven) pulley for higher torque transmission from the main electric motor.

3. The ability to adjust the number of revolutions of the matrix, depending on the raw materials used and the diameter of the granules, using a frequency regulator, to obtain a high-quality final product, as well as to reduce engine speed in case of overflow of the pressing chamber of the granulator in order to prevent belt slippage.

4. The diameter of the main (non-movable shaft) increased by 60% to increase the strength characteristics of its bearing capacity.

5. Improved lubrication system for support tapered bearings and press roller bearings.

6. Low noise level compared to granulators in which a gearbox is used to transmit torque.

7. The 110kW/h*1000ob/min engine in a special version with a reinforced bearing assembly, in which standard ball bearings are replaced with SKF roller bearings and
an increased shaft diameter for heavy-duty operation has a higher torque compared to the engines 110kW/h and 1500 rpm,
which are installed on gear granulators.

8. The 110kW/h*1000ob/min engines in special design have an improved cooling system for stable operation and prevention of overheating.

9. Easy maintenance of the granulator due to the absence of a gearbox. Replacing and tensioning belts takes much less time than replacing the working elements of gearboxes of any type. Replacement of spare parts of the gearbox (if any and the type of gearbox) requires from 2 to 4 working shifts, as well as qualified

10. Low operating costs compared to gear granulators due to the absence of a gearbox and the costs associated with its maintenance.

11. The main components of the structure and consumable elements (matrix, rollers, shells,
bearings, belts) are always available.

THE press WARRANTY is 2 YEARS!!!
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The sawdust capacity is up to 1.8 tons per hour, depending on the diameter of the pellet and raw materials.

Sunflower husk productivity is up to 2.5 tons per hour, depending on the diameter of the pellet.

Feed productivity is up to 10 tons per hour, depending on the diameter of the pellet!!!

We also produce and install complete granulation lines.

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