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City: Saint Petersburg, Russia

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Type: Forestry equipment

Name: Ural YAMZ-236NE2 turbocharged logging truck with GM Maiman

Year of manufacture: 2011

Price: 77,254.64 $

The company carries out major repairs of Ural cars in Miass.
Own production, sale of new equipment and after major repairs.

Timber trucks on the chassis of the Ural car with the YaMZ 238, 236, or 236NE2 engine are available and on order after major factory repairs based on the reinforced Ural 5557 dump truck chassis.
More than 100 components, parts and assemblies have been replaced with new ones.
Car warranty
The engine for the logging truck is undergoing a complete overhaul, as a result of which its technical condition is brought up to 90% compared to the new engine, and its cost is 40% lower than the cost of the new engine.
Bridges on a logging truck are being installed of a new type.
The modified shape of the main transmission crankcase allows to avoid oil leakage into the internal cavities of the bridge beam with significant rolls of the logging truck. Therefore, the gearbox is always lubricated in nominal mode.
engine attachments (compressor, power steering pump, belts, sensors)
Reinforced springs 5557
Radiators for oil and water cooling of the engine.
Heating radiator
Pneumatic and hydraulic tubes
Brake system (fully)
CCGT (pneumatic-hydraulic clutch booster)
Pneumatic equipment
Electrical wiring
Cabin cladding (fenders, radiator grille, etc.)
OI-25 tires- 7 pieces
Cabin interior
Two rechargeable batteries
Hardware ladders
Cardan shafts.
The fuel tank is 300 liters.
Engine heater 14TS(Teplostar)
Logging platform with a place under the GM and a protective fence.
It is also possible to install a new hydraulic manipulator:
The MAIMAN hydraulic manipulator is designed to work with large sortings, whips and other cargoes at enterprises of the forestry complex
The hydraulic manipulator is equipped with a widened grip with a cross-sectional area of 0.4 m2
The basic configuration of the hydraulic manipulator includes a hydraulic extension of the support beams, a one-piece pressure filter housing and an M-STAR control and safety system.
The M-STAR control and safety system allows you to control the load level of the hydraulic manipulator, the operating time in machine hours, the temperature of the working fluid in the tank and also inform about the need for regular maintenance.

The price is indicated in the package: Ural YAMZ-236NE2 turbocharged logging truck with a new GM Maiman.
You can pick up the equipment yourself from the parking lot of our company in Miass.

Drivers from our company will deliver the car to your company in any region of Russia.
It is more convenient for you to use our delivery services for a more expeditious solution to the delivery of cars without interrupting your drivers from their main work.

Leasing of equipment on favorable terms with an advance payment of 10%

For more information, please call, we will answer all your questions.

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