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City: Tyumen, Tyumen region, Russia

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Type: Floor Board

Wood species: Conifers:pine

Moisture content: The dry forest

Price per meter in rubles: 167.68

Price per square meter in rubles: 1280

LLC "Avantag" implements the floor Board with the following sections:

1) solid:
85 x 32; 32 x 131;
41 x 85; 41 x 131;

2) spliced (Cleared)
32 x 80; 32 x 125;
41 x 80; 41 x 125

Floor Board is a traditional material for equipment floors in homes, apartments, mansions. Manufacture floor boards, reliable and durable flooring that is carried out on the modern European equipment, which guarantees high quality and product conformance to the declared size. Well dried in special chambers floor Board is not deformed over time, You can have peace of mind that your new floor will appear cracks or creaking floorboards.

Floor Board made of pine will allow you to achieve a beautiful, durable floor and will fill the house with resinous aroma, useful to humans. The floor boards can only compete parquet or cork, but these materials will cost You considerably more. Do not miss the pleasure of touching the tree. Linoleum, carpet and laminate easy to clean and simple to install, but whether they will deliver as much fun as a Board of natural wood?

Excellent sound and thermal performance of the floor will be provided if You decide to buy floor boards. Installation and cleaning of floors from floor Board – it's easy and fast, and the microclimate of your apartment will be much better than when using other floor coverings.

Features of use of floor Board
Floor Board thickness of 32 mm and 41 mounted on logs. The distance between logs should be from 30 to 70 cm.

We also You can purchase:
- Black SCREWS for floor Board (3.5 x 51)
- Phillips head for the screws PH 2/50
- impregnation for wood PROTECTION "SENEZH"
- CLAMP band 2.5 cm/5m (for mounting the floor boards)

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