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Equipment: Selling equipment №9905

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City: Izhevsk, Udmurt Republic, Russia. (also in regions of Russia (

Penza region
Kirov region
Moscow region

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Type: Drying equipment

Equipment name: Drying chamber, CCM 30

Price in rubles: 1,777,000

Condensation drying chamber, a series of CCM 30 is used for drying lumber of any species of wood. The volume load of lumber in the chamber of SKK 30, 30-40 cubic meters.
The delivery set of equipment includes:
1. Cladding, precast frame and insulated panels;
2. Unit condensing drying wood, model AKS 30: - drying unit which performs the function of heating air and converting warm moist air into the liquid.
3. Lifting and sliding doors or hinged;
4.Fan unit with axial fans (for venting stacks);
5.Cabinet with power equipment and monitoring control system; (included with unit)
6. Valve exhaust and supply air ventilation (electric);
7. Lifting mechanism-rollback (for sliding gates).
The benefits of buying a condensing drying chambers:
-Delivery in the configuration excluding the acquisition of the boiler;
-Low power consumption, and operating costs commensurate with drying chambers running from the boiler equipment;
-Ease of maintenance and management of the drying process;
A step - wise integration of high power;
A "mild" drying modes provide the required quality of lumber output.

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